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SDF for Treating Cavities

Good news! If your child has a cavity, it isn’t necessarily straight to the drill. In fact, if we identify the cavity early enough, your child may be able to avoid the drill altogether. (An excellent case for always getting those regular checkups!) At Smile Out Loud Pediatric Dentistry in Gramercy NYC, we offer Silver Diamine Fluoride, or SDF, as an excellent preventative and minimally invasive treatment for certain kinds of kids’ cavities. We love this alternative to more involved treatment procedures because it helps kids continue to enjoy their visits to the dentist, which matters deeply to us. 

What is Silver Diamine Fluoride?

Silver diamine fluoride, or SDF, is a quick and painless alternative to fillings. It isn’t appropriate for every cavity, being primarily effective for early-stage cavities. In certain circumstances, SDF can be used instead of drilling the tooth, which may also forgo the need for an injection. It is a liquid that is brushed onto specific targeted areas in a child’s mouth. No drilling, no anesthetic lidocaine injection–it’s fast and easy.  

How Does SDF Work?

It may sound miraculous. SDF has been revolutionary for preventing bigger cavities, but it relies on early detection. Here are the basics of how silver diamine fluoride works to fight early-stage cavities.

  1. The silver in SDF kills bacteria, arresting the decay. 
  2. The fluoride strengthens the tooth. 
  3. Additionally, SDF helps to reduce sensitivity in the tooth.

What’s The Goal? 

In some cases, SDF can put a complete stop to a cavity and prevent a tooth from needing any further treatment at all. However, at the very least, its application may keep early-stage cavities from growing big fast, and delay fillings for months or years. It’s an excellent solution for young kids who can’t reasonably be expected to sit for a filling. In other words, it can “buy time” for a child to get a filling at an older age, when they can tolerate it better. 

Preventing Cavities in Kids

Of course, our first line of defense against cavities is to keep them from happening at all. Beyond the cleaning and exam, we offer two powerful and easy preventative treatments: fluoride varnish and sealants. You’ll find more on those at the links provided, but briefly, fluoride varnish strengthens the enamel of your child’s teeth; and sealants protect the tiny crevices in their molar’s biting surfaces, which the toothbrush often misses.

No-Drill Dentistry Near Me

We’re committed to creating happy memories for children at the dentist’s office by making their treatment fun, comfortable, and gentle. Call us today at Smile Out Loud Pediatric Dentistry in Gramercy, NYC today to schedule an appointment with a minimally invasive pediatric dentist.

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