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Digital X-Rays

At Smile Out Loud Pediatric Dentistry in Gramercy, NYC, everything we do comes down to taking great care of your child’s oral health and giving them a great experience. That’s why we use the latest and best technology, including digital x-rays. Our x-ray technique ensures nothing poking your kiddo’s gums and cheeks, extra small digital sensors, minimal radiation, and instant results.  

When Should My Child Get Dental X-Rays?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to timing, number, and frequency of dental x-rays for children. We personalize x-ray prescriptions to each patient’s needs.

Most typically, a child’s first set of x-rays happens when there are areas in their mouth that can no longer be examined with a dentist’s eyes or tools and may potentially be harboring cavities. On average, this happens around a child’s fourth birthday, but everyone is different.

X-rays are repeated based on a child’s risk level for cavities, so a child more prone to cavities will get x-rays more frequently than a child less prone. Case in point, we personalize our approach to x-rays for your child at Smile Out Loud!

Why Are Digital X-Rays Better?

Digital x-rays offer quite a few benefits to pediatric dentists and their patients, including:

  • Digital x-rays are safer. Digital sensors reduce the dose per image by 75 to 90% compared with conventional film. (The x-ray unit we use has a beam that is limited to 6cm diameter, rather than the allowed 7cm. This smaller irradiation area reduces the patient dose by 25%.)
  • Better resolution and dimensional capture. From a single, quick series of images, we’re able to zoom in, see incredible detail, and rotate the image for clearer views at multiple angles.
  • Better diagnostics. Because images are clearer and easier to view, we can usually spot decay sooner with digital x-rays. The earlier we see it, the lower the level of intervention, typically. This could mean the difference between a minimally invasive solution and a more aggressive operative one.
  • Immediate feedback. Images are instant. We don’t take our patients’ patience for granted! This also allows us to show imaging to our patients and their families in the exam room on the spot.

How Much Radiation is My Child Getting?

Digital x-rays have revolutionized the game and reduced radiation exposure significantly. In fact, one single digital dental x-ray (one bitewing) is half the radiation you get from eating one banana! Yep, you read that right. It’s also approximately 1/200 the amount of radiation you’re exposed to on a flight from NY to LA!

You likely never hesitated about radiation exposure before allowing your child to eat a banana and/or board a flight across the US, so we want you to feel comfortable with dental radiographs that could help diagnose disease. That being said, we still try to minimize exposure as much as possible and only take x-rays if absolutely necessary.

What is it Like Getting Digital X-Rays at Smile Out Loud?

As with everything, we try and make taking x-rays on little ones  easy and fun, keeping them  engaged and comfy while we work. Your child will stay seated in the exam chair, and we’ll move the x-ray machine around their head to capture several angles. We will be able to see their images on the screen right away.

Digital Dental X-Rays for Kids in NYC

Give us a call today at Smile Out Loud in Gramercy to schedule an appointment with the amazing, compassionate Dr. Dikansky. We’ll make your kiddo’s whole visit, x-rays included, positive and fun. We can’t wait to see you!

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